Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lyn Tackett, Republican, House District 61

I will respond to your questions. I just got in from working my third shift job, so please allow me a couple of days to respond. There were a couple of answers I would like to research.

What I can tell you briefly is this: I've been a CA certified early childhood educator, taught for over 20 years, developed a music curriculum taught privately and in centers, and have two girls who attended and graduated from both private and public schools. My husband and his family are educators as well.

I'm against the UN's attempt to dictate parental and educational policies. In fact, I'm not supportive of anything yet I've read coming from the UN. Parents should have the right to choose what school to attend, what educational systems is best for them (homeschool, private, public, charter, etc). Lunch should be a half hour as it used to be. Allowing a mere 15 minutes is hard on the digestive system. Children barely have enough to rest between classes anymore and rushing to eat is hard on the body. I'm not supportive of longer schools. It's quality we want, not quantity.

Thank you for your email. I will get back with you soon.

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