Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jane Jech, Republican, Senate District 36

Educating our students is extremely important to me and will be my personal top priority to work on if I am fortunate enough to be elected to the Iowa Senate.

I'm really glad that you have the same concerns and you have some very important questions. As I read through them I am certain it could take me a couple of hours to thoroughly answer your questions and I'm afraid I do not have that amount of time right now. I'm very sorry! I try to talk about education every chance I get and to learn from others that I meet at events and at their doors. In general, I can tell you I believe we have to remove the influence of both government bureaucracy and the Teachers' Union bureaucracy to get down to what is really the best way to educate our kids and I am very much in favor of returning many dollars and decisions to parents and local school boards.

I need to research the organization even more to be definitive, but at this time, I think the philosophies of an organization called Students First would pretty well describe my own. You can find them on the web at

Hopefully we can talk more in the future.

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